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  1. If you update your client, and still see Naruto's Original Village symbols around, please tell me!

  2. I just want to give some sort of warning ahead of time, that we might need to delay Open Beta slightly due to some unforeseen potential disturbances by some old members.

  3. I'm very impressed by all the feedback and ideas given by the Closed Beta players. さすが Gold Ninjas!!

  4. As requested by a player, the server is back online for a few hours for a small gathering and for players to say goodbye to their old Ninjas!

  5. Don't want to say too much. But there'll be 3 villages in Beta ;)

  6. Thanks everyone for patiently waiting while the server is down and supporting us c: always feel so lucky to have everyone here keeping us company while we develop.

  7. © Copyright 2013-2015 Hitspark Interactive

  8. Akatsuki member standing outside of the Sand Village South entrance.

    © Copyright 2013-2015 Hitspark Interactive

  9. The South sector of the Sand Village.

    © Copyright 2013-2015 Hitspark Interactive

  10. Fernando, Shinji and me standing on top of the Kazekage Office Building in the Sand Village.

    © Copyright 2013-2015 Hitspark Interactive

  11. Happy Birthday, Izuna!

  12. My new dev log entry is out!

  13. Applications for Moderators are open if anyone is interested! PM me.

  14. Working on the interior of Chunnin Exam finals arena!

  15. Server is up :) please update your clients.

  16. Server is up :) please update your clients.

  17. Game is online for testing, but take note that the Kuno Package quest is still not working!

  18. Server is down for awhile :) thanks for waiting!

  19. Opening testing announced :)