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  1. Status updates now show at the right of the forum!

  2. Closed beta PMs have been sent out! You have about a day to ready your clients before we launch the game for Gold and Silver Ninjas. The client only works if you are a Gold/Silver Ninja!

  3. Posted the announcement for the 2nd Alpha test (for Gold)

  4. It was. Anything stretching the post size should be considered too big.

  5. Added Signature size limitations.

  6. Added Signature size limitations.

  7. Please remember to take care of your password on Nin Online!

  8. I just changed my profile song to something that has a lot of meaning to me, the music I used as the village theme for one of the earliest versions of Nin Online, when it was released as a game called Hidden Villages Online back in 2007. This makes me want to tear, I miss all the people who were so supportive of it, wish they could be here today to see where it has gone!

  9. Fabulous is what this game is.

  10. Welcome to the best looking 2D Naruto game ever ;D

  11. Welcome to the best looking 2D Naruto game ever ;D

  12. Released the front frame of the Nin Online base in the graphics section so people can play around with it!

  13. I sleep at most 5 hours each day. So I can work on Nin Online for 10 hours straight through the night :)

  14. I'm building the best 2D Konoha ever! It takes about 2 minutes to get across the village!

  15. Hey everyone, I'm mapping the entire Konoha bit by bit! Want to watch? Visit https://join.me/ninonline

  16. No dev log tonight guys, I exhausted myself out not sleeping yesterday and barely sleeping the days before I'll be back on it tomorrow night around this time. Love you all!

  17. Update after update after update. I should stop sharing the progress!

  18. I love Nin Online!

  19. Testing out featured content mod for the forum!

  20. New Development Log posted ;D

  21. I added this system to the forum that when you status update, it goes into the shoutbox!

  22. Testing posting status updates showing in shoutbox!

  23. Nin Online is going so well.

  24. Spencer I need you! Save me from doing all these graphics alone!